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  • manners & consideration for others                                  

  • listening skills 

  • to encourage self-discipline

  • freedom to develop ones' own strengths

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  • respect

  • helpfulness at home and with others

  • guiding children to engage with others

  • concentration & deep thinking 

  • coping with feelings in positive ways

  • the power of cooperation, unity and kindness


Primary School Tutoring

Get ready to excel with - home schooling tuition classes; one on one classes; group classes of the same level; at your home or at the tutoring centre

Catering to individual needs and also special needs

Social & Creative, Hands on Classes

As a reward for parents and children, this year we are introducing a pilot class activity.  I will be offering this on the first Saturday & or Sunday of the month from 3pm - 5pm at $10 each.  During this class, depending on the children's interests, there will be a wide variety of activities that they will be able to experience.



I observe family interactions  and then give suggestions to improve the family dynamics.  


  1. A girl had no confidence concerning her mathematical abilities, and was in a very low achieving group.  After one hour of going through sums and showing her how quickly she could actually learn, she gained enough confidence not to be daunted and the next week moved up to the a level.  Soon after, her daughter received a reward.  I have many of such testimonials.

  2. The importance of connecting with children.                                                                                                                       A grade 6, autistic child, only played on the computer by himself and did puzzles, and did not socialize or make much eye contact.  I had several chances to play with him on the play equipment, copying his movements, having fun with him and sharing with him.  Within one week the father ran in with such excitement saying that instead of him going off to his room after dinner he was sitting down and communicating with his family.  The child had never attempted to communicate with the family in this way before and he then started to engage with the world around him and opened up socially.  (During a holiday program)

  3. An autistic child in mainstream school - Didn't socialize with anyone, would soil his pants daily and be aggressive to other students, yelling and often trying to run away.  I had patience with him, didn't get upset with him when poo was smeared everywhere, and instead became his friend and set clear boundaries for him.  In return, he made friends with other children, played ball with them, went to the toilet properly, stopped running away and the grandfather came in to say, "I don't know what you are doing, but I want to thank you.  He is sitting down eating his breakfast with us now."  It was so good to see him interacting with the other children and start to take an interest in the world around him.  (During a holiday program)

  4. Year 10 student, had little confidence and had suffered a lot of trauma throughout his childhood.  He was years behind in English and Mathematics and had no desire to learn.  I spent about a year with this child, once a week for an hour during school terms.  Within several weeks he started to gain confidence and interest to learn English and maths and gradually became a capable, self-motivated independent student.   I heard he was doing VCE and the parents were so grateful.  (Private tutoring)

  5. Classroom situation, year 7 – The whole class was so unruly.  Every time the teacher would turn around they would give her grief.  I observed and at the appropriate time guided the children individually from the back of the room.  I would go out of my way to help them but also not accept their unhelpful behaviour.  In this way they soon understood that I cared about them and started to become more cooperative.  Within 3 lessons the class totally transformed, everyone started to enjoy the whole experience and the teacher was able to take back control over the class. (Volunteer work)

  6. One autistic boy wouldn’t sit down in class, took off his shoes constantly, didn’t want to go into class after recess and wouldn’t go in certain rooms or write.  After working with him for two weeks he was joining in the class like all the other children and became more social.  (working as an aid in a school)

  7. Two children with an abusive father, not doing well at school and one stuttered a lot.  (This case has been reported to the authorities.)  These children had  weekly tuition sessions with me for a couple of years and due to their dedication and extra help they are now very high achievers, school captains and have amazing personalities.  Without the tuition classes, and encouragement it could have turned out very differently.) 

  8. Kindergarten child, thought to be autistic.  Not able to sit for more than a few seconds at a time to concentrate; not able to draw a circle or any other shape to convey any meaning.  He was barely able to speak, read or spell (aged 6 and second year of kinder). After private tutoring twice a week for a couple of months, he started sitting without the constant wriggling. He learnt 4 sets of sight words, able to talk much better, and I would say that his handwriting and colouring has gone from zero to hero.  And amazingly, he has confidence and actually enjoys written work. (Latest update; He loves learning and he is now in year three, and above his year level in reading and maths)

  9. A year 10 child was lacking confidence and below the bench mark level.  Over the weeks of tutoring we were able to address issues such as self-harming, self-confidence, healthy attitudes and caught up on foundational areas of learning that he had missed.  After a few months he had achieved ‘A’ for essays and completed all homework happily.  (12 private classes)

  10. A year 10 student was below the bench mark level.  The parents initially showed me little encouragement and made it clear that they didn’t really think I was the right person to help their son.  Naturally, in the beginning the son had a similar kind of attitude with me, but fortunately I would not accept such an attitude from him and he learnt how to learn and study joyfully.  He then began to actually love English within 10 weeks and wrote some fantastic essays.

1 hr
From $22 - $40



Tutor: Catherine Reaburn


Due to Catherine’s sincere attitude to help children transform into responsible young youth with a vision for the future, she has often reflected, revised and trialled various ways of teaching to communicate with children on a level that they understand.  Due to this, she often writes work sheets for individual students to suite their style of learning and level; personalizes work for them; incorporates self-designed active games that quickly teaches concepts that would normally take months or years to grasp; picks up on negative work habits; social interactions that need attention and helps to expand their concentration capabilities.

Due to misunderstandings, sometimes children are blamed (rightly or wrongly) for their failings but not able to be given enough time, and caring attention to allow them to be able to move forward.  She has discovered that many children have unhelpful self-beliefs and habits that can smother a child’s progress.  Fortunately, Catherine seems to be able to nurture children to a healthier place and then equip them with the tools to become motivated individuals.

While living in Malaysia, these skills were noted by principals of various schools throughout the area, and as a result she was requested to write several books which were published and became popular within Malaysia and used by 8 schools. 

This helped thousands of children to move forward with their English studies, and she was also able to directly influence the lives of more than 600 children each year as she taught. 

She also produced CD-ROM and audio cassettes, ran a daycare centre and taught at several kindergartens whilst writing books where each page had been trialled and tested by students.

When she returned to Australia in the 1990’s Catherine decided to work as a teachers’ aide and within a couple of the government programs such as ‘The Even Start Program’.  This enabled her to help a large number of children individually, that would normally slip through the system.  She also helped many high school students get back on track to become eager learners that excelled in their studies whereas without intervention they would have failed and dropped out of school.  

Go to the testimonies section for a few testimonies.

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